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God’s dreams for Sukaria

Ana Pina ACI 30.September.2019 https://www.ecojesuit.com/gods-dreams-for-sukaria/12651/ In listening and looking back three and a half years since we arrived in Sukaria, we give first give thanks to God for all that has happened as we passed the time of living and experiencing of His presence in Sukaria. We also give thanks for His dream for Sukaria.…


Gospel Women at the United Nations

New book says prevailing national interests and need for reform hinder United Nations. A new book on the work of sisters at the United Nations does not pull any punches about the global body’s shortcomings. The U.N.’s structure is outdated and unwieldy, and it faces financial challenges and remains in thrall to its most powerful…


In Homage of Rehema

The 20th June is the World Day of Refugees promoted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It is the day to celebrate their strength and courage and promote public awareness and support of refugees. Personally, my intention is to celebrate the strength and courage of one of them, Rehema, a girl I…