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Cead mile failte

Dublin extended a real cead mile failte to our General Leadership team Sisters Rosario, Belen and Marcela when they arrived to spend a few days with our Sisters in  Ireland and celebrate the wonderful work that takes place on our campus in Stillorgan. Perhaps the highlight of their visit was meeting the staff and pupils of our Primary…


From the Rumania-Ukraine Border

Sister Irene Guia writes from the Ukrainian border, where she joined a JRS mission to accompany, serve, and advocate for the many refugees in the emergency situation occurring.  We are writing to you from the border in Rumania, in a place called Galati, which is one of the points of entry for the Ukrainian people. The border…


General audience with Pope Francis

On Wednesday, September 8, the Tertianship community participated in the Pope’s General Audience. In the Catechesis, Pope Francis spoke to us about the dignity of the children of God. We all have the same dignity, so there should be no discrimination.  He called our attention to the fact that slavery still exists today: “There are…


God’s dreams for Sukaria

Ana Pina ACI 30.September.2019 https://www.ecojesuit.com/gods-dreams-for-sukaria/12651/ In listening and looking back three and a half years since we arrived in Sukaria, we give first give thanks to God for all that has happened as we passed the time of living and experiencing of His presence in Sukaria. We also give thanks for His dream for Sukaria.…